Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I've decided for my last blog post I will review MTH 495.  It's titled History of Math and I feel like we definitely covered that.  We started at the beginning to learn various milestones in math which seem so natural now.  We talked about the development of the number system and additions to this, from zero to irrational numbers and even infinity.  I found it very interesting at how deeply these concepts were debated at the time of their discovery/invention.  Something that stuck with me throughout the course was history repeating itself in the sense that every new idea had some adjustment time where it was debated then accepted.  It made me curious what parts of math we have yet to discover or invent and debate about.

The class also helped me discover the creative and artistic side of math.  Of course there was always graphs and some geometric drawings in math class, but we talked about new things I hadn't thought of as math.  Talking about tesselations was one of my favorite classes.  I also really enjoyed when we talked about topology because of the emphasis in visualizing how different shapes can mold into others.

I also had lots of fun with my individual project which led me on a journey trying to put together this puzzle by George Hart.  (You can see my whole project in my other post here.) Overall I really enjoyed this class as my final math class.  It gave a nice background to tie together all that we had learned over the past four years.

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